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needs answers fast premium user and expert answers only ASSIGNMENT Very Short answer questions (J mark each) L There are activities which are canied out to earn economic gains/rewards. What are they cal led ? 2. Business is guided by a motive. What is the motive known as? 3. Specify two basic criteria of judging whether an activity is an economie or non economic in nature, 4. Mr. Purohit is a student of Class XL He has full knowledge of all the characteristics of business. He is advising one Of his friends that "Business is a bed of roses, so there is no harm in adopting it as a career." Do you think Purohit is right in saying so? S. TATA Power is planting trees on roadside of several big cities. Name the objective 6. 7. 8, 9. TATA Power is fulfilling? Meena indulges in painting Of mugs for self consumption. Will it be a business activity? Why? Why do we insure goods? Which type of people like to engage in business and why? Why is it important for every business to earn a reasonable profit?

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