Neha works as an executive in Moon Fashion Ltd. whereas Nitin works as a driver in the railways. Identify the sectors of economy.

In which Neha and Nitin are working. Evaluate the role of each of these sectors in the Indian economy.

Neha is working in the secondary sector whereas nitin is working in the tertiary sector.
This is because moon fashion ltd must be a clothing brand and a clothing brand is much similar to an industry as it produces clothes from raw materials. Whereas, nitin who works in railways provides transportation facility to people and renders a basic service hence he is involved in the tertiary sector.
*Often regarded as industrial sector.
*It procures raw materials from the nature and converts into other forms through industrial input or ways of manufacturing.

*Often regarded as service sector.
*It doesnot produce any goods rather provides basic services like transportation, storage, communication etc.
*It provides aid and support to primary and secondary sector.

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