no.19 please solve it.

no.19 please solve it. DA > 2AC DA > 2BD ABC is an equilateral int in AC; prove that : p c he triangle ABC. Prove t line joining the vertex de to any point in the 'ither of the equal sides •am; AD = AB and AE (ii) LABD > LC awcndlng order of their values. 17. In quadrilateral ABCD. side AB is the longest and side DC is the shortest. Prove that : 18. In triangle ABC. side AC is greater than side AB. If the internal bisector of angle A meets the opm»site side at 'Xiint D. prove that : ZADC is greater than ZADB. 19. In isosceles triangle ABC. sides AB and AC 20. are equal. If point D lies in base BC and point E lies on BC produced (BC being produced through vertex C), "Ove that : (i) AC AD (iii) AE > AD Given : ED = EC Prove : AB + AD > BC. c D 21. In triangle ABC, AB > AC and D is a in side BC. Show that : AB > AD.

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