No 3 4 and 5

No 3 4 and 5 a) New York. b), He wm:never hvepeae,efuljy; Myaunt SumitreadS the newspaper every morning. The house has been recently' O Your friends have arrived for the Wedding. 4. Change the interrogative sentences to declarative sentences. Should I put this jar on the top shélf? b) Did you telephone Aarti last night? c) Have you played badminton before? d) the board meeting at ten o'clock tomorrow morning? e) Will hebe able to climb the stairs by himselP Do you start your day with a healthy breakfast? 5. Change the following rhetorical and negative questions to declarative a) Havent lent you enough money? b) What is the use of asking him for directions?

Dear student

  1. Where does Kapil live?
  2. Will he ever live peacefully?
  3. Since when is your aunt embroidering the tablecloth?
  4. When does Sumit read the newspaper?
  5. When was the house painted?
  6. Have your friends arrived for the wedding?

  1. I am putting this jar on the top-shelf.
  2. I telephoned Aarti last night.
  3. I have played badminton before.
  4. The board meeting at ten o'clock tomorrow morning.
  5. He can climb the stairs by himself.
  6. I start my day with a healthy breakfast.
  1. I have lent you enough money.
  2. It is no use of asking him directions.


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