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Q.6. Given below is the diagrammatic representation of the transverse section of a part of a plant. Study it and answer the questions that follow:
(a) Name the part of the plant that is shown.
(b) Label the parts 1 to 6.
(c) Write the functions of parts 3 and 5.

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a) Root
b)(1) Root hair
(2) Epidermis
(3) Cortical cell 
(4) Endodermis
(5) Pericycle cell
(6) Xylem
c) Pericycle cell:- In roots Pericycle cells helps in propagating and regulating lateral root growth . They also provide protection and structure to plant.
Cortical cell store carbohydrates and other substances such as resin, latex, essential oils and tannis . They helps in regulating flow of water between outer tissues and vascular cylinder.


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Root is shown. 1. Root hair 2. Epidermis 3. Cortical cells 4. Endodermis 5. Pericycle 6. Xylem
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