no enterprices can achieve its objectives without systematic planning ?give reasons .

Yes, It is true that no enterprise can achieve its objectives without systematic planning. Planning is an essential function of management as it enables managers to decide in advance what is to be done and how to do it. The following are the some of the importance of planning.

i) Renders Direction: Planning clearly states the goals and objectives to be achieved. 

ii) Subdued Risk: By guiding an organisation in the right direction to follow, it accredits its managers to analyse and anticipate changes. This helps in reducing the uncertainty of the foreseen events. 

iii) Minimised Overlapping: The managers coordinate the different activities together to reach the objectives, thereby, help in reducing overlapping of work. 

iv) Helps in Decision Making: Planning involves analysing the future, evaluating the various courses of action and choosing best alternative as per the objective. 

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