NO LINKS. Answer the 33(b).
(b) The figure (ii) given below is a trapezium. Find 
(1) AB (ii) area of trapezium ABCD.​


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Draw a line from C to meet AD at E.So, ABCEis a rectangle with Length = 2 unitAnd DECis a right angle triangle.Where, DE = AD-AE DE =8-2 =6Hypotenuse DC = 10 unitSo by pythagoras theorem,Hypotenuse2 = Base2+Perpendicular2DC2=CE2+DE2102=CE2+62CE2=100-36CE = 64CE = 8 unitSince ABCE is a rectangle so, CE=ABSo, AB = 8 unitArea of rectangleABCE = 8×2 = 16 unit2Area of triangle DEC = 12×base×height =12×8×6 = 24 unit2Area of trapezium = Area of rectangle + Area of triangleArea of trapezium = 24+16Area of trapezium = 40unit2

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check from the site
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Draw diagonal of trapezium and through Pythagoras theorem find the needy
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It is to be done same 33 (i) .
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Can be done by pythogorean theorem
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