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16.  What is eddy current?  Write an application of it.  Define self inductance and mutual inductance.  State the unit of self inductance.

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Eddy currents are the currents induced in a conductor when placed in a changing magnetic field.Whenever a conductor plate is moved through a magnetic field. There is a change of flux through the conductor area. The free electrons inside the conductor flow in circular loops to create eddy(whirl) of current.

Applications of Eddy Currents

Electromagnetic damping- Some galvanometers have a fixed core, which is made of non-magnetic metallic materials. When the coil oscillates, the eddy currents generated in the core oppose the motion and bring the coil to rest quickly.

Induction furnace- In an induction furnace, a very high temperature can be produced by producing large eddy currents.

Magnetic braking in trains- Strong electromagnets are situated above the rails in some electrically powered trains. When the electromagnets are activated, the eddy currents induced in the rails oppose the motion of the train.



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