“No one is born a thief. It is the circumstances that make him so.” Hari Singh in “The Thief’s Story” is an example for this statement. Elucidate.

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  • It is true that no one is born a thief and it is the circumstances that make a person take that path.
  • If a person is placed in a favourable environment, he is bound to make changes in his life.
  • When surrounded by wrong doers, he tends to fall into the temptations and cannot easily deny the requests made by his friends, to do wrong.
  • Just as a rotten apple spoils the other apples in the bunch or barrel, the evil of bad company is contagious and dangerous.
  • Hari Singh approached Anil with the intention of befriending him and then robbing him.
  • He first approached him by flattering him and then by offering to help him.
  • He also made small profits through the supplies that he bought.
  • Anil realised that he was robbed but he decided not react to it because he was sure that Hari Singh would have realised his mistake and hence came back to him.
  • It is with an intension of changing Hari Singh into a better person that Anil did not hand him over to the police.
  • Thus, the company of Anil brought about a transformation in Hari Singh's character.
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