no the 5 kind of sentence (like affermative)with full explanation and examples

On the basis of purpose, there are four types of sentences:

1. Declarative sentence: A sentence that makes a statement or asserts a fact is a known as a declarative sentence. It can either be positive (or affirmative) or negative. For example:

I will go on a holiday. (Affirmative)

I will not go out in the rain. (Negative)


2. Interrogative sentence: A sentence that poses a question is an interrogative sentence. For example:

Where is the teacher?

Have you met my mother?


3. Imperative sentence: A sentence that expresses a command or a request is known as an imperative sentence. For example:

Please close the door.

Be quiet..


4. Exclamatory sentence: A sentence that expresses a strong feeling is known as an exclamatory sentence. For example: 

Yippee! We are going on a trip.

Oh! I am sorry to hear that.

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