not only caste effect indian politics but politics also effects different caste. explain with example            plzzz.. answer

Politics certainly influences caste system in India. For centuries, dalits have been discriminated against as untouchables. However, after independence, in the new democratic political system of India, the Constitution abolished untouchability and introduced measures of positive discrimination in favour of dalits.They were given reservations in education and jobs and certain constituencies were reserved for them in elections. As a result of such positive measures, the social and political status of dalits have improved a lot. The incidence of untouchability has declined significantly, even though it has not been eliminated completely. Dalits now occupy prominent positions in society and we have even had dalit chief ministers. This is an example of how politics influences caste system in India.  

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the party in power many times favour their own religion and cast for their development and this increase descrimination in society
and in this way voters of respective cast favour to vote their respective member 
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