Note on transpiration of gases in blood

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I guess you are asking about transportation of gases in blood. 
oxygen is transported in the blood in two ways.
  1. A small amount oxygen (5%) is carried in the plasma as a dissloved gas.
  2. Most oxygen (98.5 %) carried in the blood is bound to the protein hemoglobin in red blood cells. A fully saturated oxyhemoglobin (Hbo2) has four O2 molecules attached. Without oxygen, the molecule is referred to as deoxyhemoglobin (Hb).
CO2 is transported in following ways-
  1. A small amount of CO2 (5%) is transported in the plasma as a dissloved gas.
  2. A small amount of CO2 (5 percent) is carried in the plasma as a dissolved gas.
  3. Some CO2 (10 percent) binds to Hb in red blood cells, forming carbaminohemoglobin (HbCO2). (The CO2 binds to the amino acid portion of hemoglobin instead of to the iron portion.)​​​​​​


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