Nothing is immortal in the universe. Fire and ice are very powerful things. They will destroy it. But hatred is more powerful. Explain

[you can take some of the lines from these to include in your passage. hope it will help you]fire and ice both are really very different things from each other because fire signifies something very high in temperature or anger and ice signifies coolness . but the thing matters is that they both are really very powerful. it is so because fire melts the ice and ice stops the fire. and if we talk about this for human so the fire means anger which eats the coolness of a person and ice which is the coolness in a person has the ability to vanish the anger in a person.but keeping this aside let's talk about hatred which means disliking something and if you dislike something then you will not think of doing that thing and will move away from if you hate fire which means anger, then you will always be happy in your life and if you will hate ice that is coolness, then you will always remain angry. and these both things can change a persons life so we should hate something by thinking twice or thrice about it and that is the reason why hatred is called the most powerful thing.

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