DAV School Ludhiana has decided to organise a seminar in which a noted orator P.K Batra will deliver a talk on "How to score good marks". Draft a notice inviting all the students to attend the seminar. Put the notice in a box.

Dear student,

Such questions are made for enhancing your creative writing skills and so, you should attempt them on your own. However, here are a few points that will help you frame your answer.

-You must be thorough with the texts.
-Develop a good understanding of the chapters.
-While answering the questions, be precise and to-the-point. Avoid unnecessary information.
-Look at sample letters, articles from reference books to improve writing skills and get an idea of presentation as board examiners.
-Read the books as many times as you can and solve sample papers.

Given below is the format of notice writing:

(Note: Please write the following things in a box.)





Body ( 45 to 50 words)

Name and designation.

You may feel free to contact us if you face any issue or difficulty while composing your answer. You can also send us your answers here for a feedback and required corrections, if any.


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