o. henry's stories are well known for special endings? what is the surprise at the end of the story "after twenty years"?

Yes .O. Henry's stories are known for special endings. The surprise endings of this story is that the man on beats was Jimmy Wells ,the friend whom Bob had been waiting for and the man in plain clothes was  a policemaman who had come to arrest Bob.

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O Henry is known for a special endings in his stories. It iscalled "irony" . It is something that is least expected and he leaves his readers thunderstruck!

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The surprise in the story after twenty years is that the policeman to whom bob was talking and was telling his story about his success and his beloved friend Jimmy Wells was actually Jimmy himself and had come to meet bob and keep his promice, but not telling his real name he went away and sent another policemen with a letter. Jimmy didnt arrest bob as he was his friend but sent another person to arrest him. This way he kept his promice an did his duty as a true policeman.

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In the end, Bob realises that his friend, Jimmy Wells is the patrolman whom Bob had met earlier that night.And Jimmy Wells was the one who recognised him as the wanted criminal in Chicago, and asked a plain-clothes policeman to arrest Bob, Jimmy best friend.
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