Omission pls give answers of(a), (g), (h) make complete meaning
a. The teachings of Jainism focused on the
b. Purification of the soul not towards the
c. Realization physical and material rewards. 
d. Nakodaji has a tutelage where Jain scholars trained 
e. For treating krowledge the highest pursuit
f. And yet, life most of us , begins and ends
g. At the physical material plane. Behavior
h. Is link which ,having assured you of creature lead you to higher spiritual pursuits . 

a. Jainism have focused
b. soul and not
c. realisation of physical
d. scholars are trained 
e. knowledge as
f. life for most
g. physical and material
h. is the link

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a) teaching
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Its omission not editing... :)
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jainism have focussed

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