On behalf of mr.& mrs. Som rai.write a formal invitation to mr. N mrs. Dev dut to the inaugration of their jwellery outlet.kanak jewellers.the inaugration will be followed by munch.

Mr & Mrs som rai Request the pleasure of Mr and Mrs dev dut Company at the inaugration Ceremony at their jewellery outlet ,KANAK JEWELLERS ON 7TH October 2019 at 8 pm onwards At hotel imperial ,bombay. SHRI SM GOSWAMI , MINISTER OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS WILL BE THE CHIEF GUEST AND WILL THE RIBBION RSVP 32 CRECENT ROAD MUMBAI 398700
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On the behalf of Mr and Mrs som rai draft a formal invitation card to Mr and Mrs dev dut to the inauguration of their jewellery outlet kanak jwellers . The inauguration will be followed by lunch. Invent the necessary details
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                                                                                       Mr& Mrs Som Rai, 
                                                                          cordinally invite you to the inaguration ceremony of Kanak Jewllers
                                                                         on 7th October,2019 at 8 pm 
                                                                          At imperial hotel, Bombay
                                                                                       SH. SM Goswami
                                                                           minister of external affairs, India
                                                                        has kindly consented to be the chief guest of the ceremony
pincode- 398700

1. This card admits 2 people only
2. Please be present by 7pm 
3. Use of mobile phone for photography is strictly prohibited.

All the content should be represented in a box.
Thankyouu :)
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