On dissolution of a firm the following assets appeared in the balance sheet. Debtors Rs 35,000, Stock Rs 40,000, Investments Rs 15,000, Furniture Rs 60,000 and Machinery Rs 1,00,000. The above assets realised as follows 60+ of the debtors realized Rs 18,000 and balance realised 50+. Stock sold for Rs 30,000 and investment realised 80+ of its book value. Furniture and machinery together sold for Rs 1,50,000. Apart from that an unrecorded asset sold for Rs 10,000. Calculate the total realisible value of the assets to be credited in realisation account.

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Your question is not clear and appears to be incomplete as realisation is not clear denoted as + so please Recheck your question and be a little specific so that we can provide you with some meaningful help. Looking forward to hear from you again!


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