On teachers day,you want to honour mrs.sudha murthy,maths teacher who retired from service. Write a formal invitation in about requesting her to grace the occasion.you were tarun/tanvi,head girl/boy,sunrise global school,agra

Dear Student
Sunrise Global School

Date: 3rd Sept 2018

Mrs. Sudha Murthy

Subject: Invitation to felicitate

Respected Ma'am
We request the pleasure of your gracious presence on Teacher's Day. You gave whole of your life imparting knowledge to students like us, making subject of Maths easy and fun to understand. So we would like to honour you for the same.
The function will take place in the school auditorium, on 5th Sept 2018 from 10 am onwards. 
We look forward for your presence.

Thanking you
Yours Sincerely
Head Girl



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