On tetra pack of fruit juices , it is printed "IF THE PACKET IS PUFFED DO NOT BUY". What is the reason behind this??

Puffed pack means there is a gas inside the packet and this gas is produced due to fermentation caused by a microbe. Presence of microbe makes the drink unhealthy and bad that is why it is written on the pack " If the pack is puffed don't buy it".

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Anymicrobethat lives in the drink makes a gas after fermentation In case of Yeast, Carbon dioxide is the gas.So if you see a puffed pack, it means that there has been achemical reactionthat made the drink go bad.

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Because it may mean that fermentation of the juice has started and that just means its close to expiring, I wouldn't recomend drinking it, just check the dates!!

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