On the basis of your reading of the lesson "Madam Rides the Bus", describe the inidents that happened when 'Valli' took a ride in the bus. Do you think that Valli should have taken the ride in the bus without telling her parents? Express your views whether the children shouls fulfill their desires without thinking about the opinion/permission of their parents in such matters.

(5 marks )

Valli should have never taken the journey without letting her parents know about it. However, we can never disapprove of the fact that journeys are a great addition to our experience of life. Valli’s journey to city added to her vision of life. This is true as far as Valli's entire experience of bus journey is concerned. She was a carefree, bubbly person at the beginning of her journey. Her aim and planning for this trip in the bus is noteworthy. However, she was enlightened about the real crude face of life on her way back. She witnessed the sight of death of a young cow. She was awestruck on the fact of how something that was alive a few moments back could lie dead in so much blood just after a while. Something which seemed charming when alive looked so horrible when lifeless. Thus, she learnt that there were so many things that happened in life beyond our knowledge.

It is very important for parents to interfere, judge and opine on a every situation of a child till he/she reaches an age when he/she gains the capability to understand the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. 

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