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a) The mismatched genotype is X Y which is present in 23rd pair of chromosome.

b) The X chromosome will be inherited from the mother irrespective of boy or girl.

c) Braying is dominant over silent , let us represent Braying as B and silent as b.
Erect ears are dominant over drooping , let us represent Erect ears as E and silent as e.

Given that Braying donkey with drooping ears crossed with silent donkey with erect ears.
Genotype will be : BBee X bbEE
Gametes will be B , E and b ,E.
F1 generation will have a genotype of BbEe , thus it will Braying donkey with erect ears.

Now , if it is crossed to a same Braying donkey with erect ears,
Gametes BE   Be bE be
Be BBEe BBee BbEe Bbee
bE BbEE BbEe bbEE bbEe
be BbEe BBee bbEe bbee

Thus Phenotypic ratio 9:3:3:1
Braying and erect ears : 9 donkeys
Braying and drooping ears : 3 donkeys
Silent and erect ears : 3 donkeys
Silent and drooping ears : 1 donkey

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