Onwhat grounds are some rights considered to be universal in nature?Identify three rights which you consider universal. Give reasons.

Theimportance of certain rights for all human beings regardless of theirplace in society confers universality on these rights. The assumptionbehind human rights is the entitlement of human beings to certainrights that ensure self-respect and dignity by virtue of being bornas humans. Thus, universal rights are those rights whose entitlementis non-negotiable.

Thethree universal rights are as follows:

  • Right to education is considered to be universal in nature because this is must for an individual to develop his/her capacity to reason, skills and enables him/her to make informed choices in life. This helps the individual to make good use of other rights.

  • Right to livelihood ensures self-respect and dignity of the individuals through economic independence.

  • Freedom of expression is important for all human beings as it develops creativity and originality and allows for free expression of ideas and beliefs.

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