Organization is the harmonious adjustment of specialized parts for the accomplishment of some common purpose or purposes.' In the light of this statement, explain the importance of Organising

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1. Facilitates Efficient Management: an honest organisation avoids confusion, delays and duplication of labour . It increases the promptness and efficiency, and it motivates the workers to try to to their best. All this results in efficient management. Thus, we will say, good organisation facilitates efficient management.

2. Helps in Growth of Enterprise: A good organisation helps in the growth, diversification and expansion of the enterprise. Today's big and giant enterprises are the results of their best organisation.
3. Facilitates Co-ordination: an honest organisation co-ordinates the activities of various individuals, groups and departments so as to realize the objectives of the business.
4. Encourages Creativity, Initiative and Innovation: A good organisation encourages creativity in the enterprise. This leads to brings new ideas, imaginations, visions, methods, etc. It also encourages initiative and innovations.


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