Other than the use of English, what other features of English economic and social life do you notice in nineteenth-century USA?

Apart from the use of English, several other changes were introduced in the Economic and social life in the nineteenth-century-USA.

Economic life

• Large-scale agriculture in the USA expanded as huge areas were cleared and developed as farms, where crops like rice and cotton were produced to sustain the population.

• A number of industrial towns came up and the number of factories multiplied in the USA.

Social life

• Constitutional rights were given to the people of the USA. These rights were given to the whites in the USA and the blacks were not allowed to exercise these rights.

• Society was divided between blacks and whites. Although the blacks were the natives in the USA, they were not given the same status as that of the whites, who became privileged people in the society.

• By this time, many natives accepted the citizenship of the USA on the condition that they will be given equal status in the society.

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