P2H4 ---------> PH3 + P4H2

In the given question, what is the equivalent weight of P2H4? Solve and show?

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P2H4 → PH3 + P4H2

Equivalent mass = (Atomic mass / n)

Atomic mass of P2H4 = 64 g/mol

Where n = number of electrons involved in the reaction per molecule, atom or ion.
The n-factor is the number of moles of electrons gained or lost by one mole of salt.
In the reaction 
P2H4 → PH3 + P4H2

P changes from -2 to -3, i.e oxidation state changes by -2 -(-3) = -2+3 =+1. Hence n=1
Hence the equivalent mass is 64/1 = 64

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