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volunteer themselves for the adult education programme during the summer vacation.
Given below are some details about your great grandfather. Write a short biographical sketch about him in about 100 words. age - 90 years - very fond of children - tells about good and bad experiences - made many mistakes as a young man - not very focussed on education - liked going round the world and learning new languages - gained wisdom and experience.
( 6 marks)
You are Revathy. You happened to see the following news item in the newspaper about the popularity of Indian Handicrafts abroad. But you are unhappy about the lack of recognition given to the artisans by the Government. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the difficulties they face and the steps to be taken to solve their problems. Using the information given below and your own ideas, write the letter in not more than 120 words.
(7 marks)
Pranab / Purnima Writes an article voicing his / her concern about the Commercialisation of Education. Write this article in about 150 words. High fees, running as a profitable business, promoting inequality, out of the reach of the poor, creating two groups. (make use of these points besides your personal views on the subject)
(8 marks)
Section C (Grammar – 20 Marks)
Fill in the blanks with determiners, choosing from the option given below : Uncle : Why are you not taking (a) [(i) some, (ii) any, (iii) many, (iv) much] thing today ?
Mohan : We will be given (b) ________________[(i) much, (ii) many, (iii) some,
(4 marks)
Indian Handicrafts sought after New Delhi :Indian Handicrafts are in great demand in U.S, Europe and the Gulf Countries. The artisans feel their products are not given the required publicity. Further, the products are brought from them at very low prices by the middlemen and sold later at high prices abroad. They hope that the government would do something in this regard.
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(iv) a lot ] things to eat at school. Uncle : That is very thoughtful of (c) _____________ [(i) the, (ii) a, (iii) can, (iv) an ] management. Mohan : We pool in (d) __________ [ (i) some, (ii) money, (iii) many, (iv) enough] funds to buy gifts for teachers.

Due to paucity of time, we would not be able to attend to all your queries in detail. However, hope these hints help you:

Here are a few indispensable elements of a Biosketch which would help you frame your answer:

Elaborate on the person’s details- life, career, background, life, activities etc. The person 's life story is told with respect to other people and events of the time in which they lived. It develops an understanding of the people, place, times, and events in which the person lived. It tells the story in a style and tone that the reader/listener can relate to the person and believe in their humanness. It talks about the person’s influence on the world. Thus, in this way, a biosketch includes almost all the major details of an individual.

Follow the mentioned link for the correct format of a formal letter to an editor:

There are a few things which need to be kept in mind while writing an article:

  • Choose an appropriate topic for your article.

  • Contemplate and organise the ideas that you want to incorporate in your article.

  • Begin with just writing out your article without worrying too much about the length. It's more important to let all your ideas flow out of your mind first. If you think it's getting too long split it up into two or more articles. It's often easier to write a short article of 500 words than one of 1000 words. 

  • Create an outline for your article. Your article should include a headline, introduction, body and a conclusion. Also, do not forget to add bibliography, if required.

  • At last, read, re-read, format and frame the final draft finally.

Follow the link for a detailed study on determiners:

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  volunteer themselves for the adult education programme during the summer vacation.

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8) a) any

b) a lot

c) the

d) money

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