Pair the sentences in column A with the correct sentences in column B.
1. Portugal played well. a. The phone rang.
2. It was raining. b. He lost in the quarter-finals.
3. The teacher entered the room. c. It goes quite fast.
4. I enjoy cycling d. It started getting dark.
5. We played football. e. We could not play outdoors.
6. Joe is good at football. f. He was violently sick.
7. I got in the bath. g. The lost to Spain.
8. Federer's a good player. h. I don't do it very often.
9. Rahul ate out yesterday. i. He is a great swimmer.
10. The Reva is an electric car. j. The students fell silent.

​Now, use the conjunctions given in the box to join the two sentences and rewrite them as compound or complex sentences.
although               as soon as                  because                 but              if
​in addition            since                           so                         until           when

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.
  1. Although Portugal played well they lost to Spain.
  2. We could not play outdoors because it was raining.
  3. As soon as the teacher entered the classroom, the students fell silent.
  4. I enjoy cycling but I don't do it very often.
  5. We played football until it started getting dark.
  6. Joe is good at football, in addition to being a great swimmer.
  7. I got in the bath when the phone rang.
  8. Federer's a good player although he lost in the quarter finals.
  9. Rahul was violently sick because he ate out yesterday.
  10. The Reva goes quite fast although it is an electric car.
I hope you find the answer helpful. Please post more questions on the forum to be assisted by our team. 
Thank you.

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1 = g is Answer of 1
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1. = G
7.= A

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