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My Hobby

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"-this old adage holds true even today. Any recreational activity gives a much-needed break from the mundane, routine chores of everyday life. We pursue a hobby to entertain and educate ourselves. A hobby can be just something we are interested in, at the same time it can impart life skills to us. I unwind by listening to music. My hobby is therefore related to music-I am learning how to be a disc jockey from the famous DJ Aqueel. It is not a professional pursuit, just something that gives me immense pleasure while occupying my spare time. After finishing my homework and the tuition classes, I go to Aqueel's Music Academy to learn the intricacies from the master himself. It is a wonderful learning experience. He is teaching me the technical aspects as well as reading the pulse of the public. Being able to assess the mood of the crowd is key to the success of a DJ. I recently managed the music for the class XII farewell party and was appreciated by one and all. Being able to spin this music and enjoy with friends gives me the opportunity to relax and recharge for my studies.It has taught me the importance of dedication and hard work in whatever I do. I suggest everyone must take up a hobby that would enrich their lives.

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