paragraph on Formation of Clouds 100 to 120 words

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Clouds are formed by the process of evaporation (the phenomenon of change of liquid into vapours at any temperature below its boiling point is called evaporation) and condensation (when a substance in a gaseous state gets converted into liquid state on cooling, for example, water vapour (gas) present in air gets condensed to water droplets (liquid) on coming in contact with cold surface, this process is known as condensation).
The process of formation of clouds involves following points: 
• Water from the oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, plants, fields, and other land surfaces evaporates, gets into air, and rises up in the atmosphere.
• At a certain height when the air becomes cooler, water vapour contained in air condenses.
• On condensation, these form water droplets.
• These water droplets collect and float in air as clouds.

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