Parents often nag their children, wishing only the best for them. However, children often misunderstand them. Write a short paragraph in reference to Amanda!

The poem 'Amanda' describes a girl named Amanda and her mother who is nagging her for her mistakes. Her mother is always pointing out her bad habits of biting nails and being untidy. She scolds Amanda for slouching and having a bad posture, she is always reminding Amanda of chores she didn't do and restricting her from doing anything and everything she likes. Even after all this nagging, she expects Amanda not to sulk and respect her mother. While Amanda becomes increasingly depressed and detached from her mother, she continues with her behaviour thinking that it is the best for Amanda. Often parents become burdensome and annoying to their children as they have too many expectations and want their children to have only good traits. Parenting requires a lot of patience and time, constant nagging will inevitably lead to the child hating it, as we have seen in the case of Amanda. 

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Every child is special in itself, and it requires a great deal of patience and love to make them understand this. Parents should give proper space to children, as they learn through experiences as well. Children do tend to learn certain bad habits, to undo that requires great level of understanding and right approach. One cannot teach their child everything in one day and expect them to behave properly henceforth. It is natural for a child like Amanda to seek freedom at her place, to curb that freedom means to make her angry and moody. Growing up of child should not be about do’s and don’ts only. To have nagging parents judging every action of child would do more harm than good. Robin Klein points to the fact that Amanda is forbidden to do anything without seeking permission. Everything she does is corrected by her mother all the time, she cannot perform a single thing according to her will. She can’t sit lazily around, she can’t eat chocolate for that would cause acne. Life of Amanda is very suffocating and limited in itself. She yearns for freedom and choice. Her mother doesn’t understand the fact that Amanda is innocent and naive, she is too small to understand the benefits of advice. Only thing that matters to Amanda’s mother is what society will make of Amanda. We witness miserable failure of parents when Amanda wishes to be an orphan so that she could be free
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