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Q. Turn the following into Indirect Speech.

1. " Keep quiet, boys. Do not make a noise," said the teacher.

2. He said to his friend, "Please tell me what time it is. "

3. The teacher said to the students, " Do as i tell you. Do not waste your time in learning useless things."

4. " Honour your father and mother, and do what they say," said he to his disciples.

5. He said,"Let us go out for a walk today."

6. The captain said to the soldiers," Do not fire until I give you the signal."

7. " Hurry up," he said to me, "do not waste time."

8. "Come quickly," he shouted ,"and help me."

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your questions.
  1. The teacher asked the boys to keep quiet and not to make a noise.
  2. He requested his friend to tell him the time.
  3. The teacher instructed the students to do as she told them. She told them not to waste their time in learning useless things.
  4. He told his disciples to honour their father and mother and to do what they say.
  5. He told him that they will go out for a day that day.
  6. The captain asked the soldiers not to fire until he gave them a signal.
  7. He told me to hurry up and not waste time.
  8. He shouted to come over and help him out.
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