Passage 1
The world ???????.. (be) online. Everyone ??????????. (use) computers and internet for business and pleasure. There is growing concern about the effects this has on children. Nowadays children ??????????? (spend) a lot of time online ?????????.. (play) games, ????????. (chat) with their friends and ?????????.. (watch) videos. Priceless childhood hours ??????????.. (spend) sitting indoors opposite a computer screen instead of playing outdoors.
Some people believe that children should ??????????. (allow) to spend time online. In their opinion, the hours spend on the computers are actually very good for them. Their logic is simple. Nowadays computer skills are absolutely essential for success in the workplace. Therefore, the time they spend on the computer ??????????. (be) actually helping them to gain the skills they ????????. (need) to become productive adults.

is, uses, spend, playing, chatting, watching, are spent, be allowed, is, need

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