from the box pick words to fill blanks for completing the passage below . your can use 1 word 02 times as needed ( Play, smile , work, show , jump)    

When Ram's parent went to see a t.v. ----------he remainded at home because he had to -------his copy nxt day . He wanted to ----------his favourite ------------------that was cricket but he ----------to think that his -------------was about to finish ow he word fast and after some minutes there was a big ----------------pm jos face. He quickly -----------out of the room but the ----------he did was very dangerous as it broke his legs.   Poor Ram was hospitaliesd now. ( pasage 

Dear Student!

Your query seems to contain several errors. However, given below are the answers that we could best make out of it.

a) show


c) play

d) _________

e) jumped

f) work

g) smile

h) worked/ jumped

i) jump

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