Patient and steady with all he must bear, Ready to meet every challenge with care, Easy in manner, yet solid as steel, Strong in his faith, refreshingly real, Isn’t afraid to propose what is bold, Doesn’t conform to the usual mould, Eyes that have foresight, for hindsight won’t do, Never backs down when he sees what is true, Tells it all straight, and means it all too. Going forward and knowing he’s right, Even when doubted for why he would fight, Over and over he makes his case clear Reaching to touch the ones who won’t hear. Growing in strength, he won’t be unnerved, Ever assuring he’ll stand by his word. Wanting the world to join his firm stand, Bracing for war, but praying for peace, Using his power so evil will cease: So much a leader and worthy of trust, Here stands a man who will do what he must. (Anonymous) Questions 1. What qualities does a true leader possess, as per the passage? (1) 2. What would the true leader want, even if he has to fight a war? (1) 3. What is meant by the phrase, ‘Doesn’t conform to the usual mould’? (1) 4. What is the poem about? (1) 5. The meaning of the word ‘cease’ in the line ‘Using his power so evil will cease’ is _____. (1)

1. A true leader possesses many qualities that distinguish him from the crowd: he is patient and perseverant, bold and different. He has good foresight and vision. he fights and works to attain peace and harmony. he does not back down in the face of a challenge.
2. Even if a true leader fights a war, what he actually wants is peace and harmony.
3. 'Doesn't conform to the usual mould' means that the leader does not think or act like all the others; he thinks 'out of the box' and takes unusually bold actions.
4. The poem is about the qualities that a good leader should possess.
5. The word 'cease' means to finish, come to a halt, stop.

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