pen portrait of Mrs.Edith Frank

Edith Frank was Anne Frank's mother, what we know of her comes from her daughter's accounts in her diary providing very little insight into the mother's perspective. Edith Hollander Frank married Otto Frank at the age of twenty-five and she had two children,Margot and Anne.Anne often found herself in disagreement with her mother because they were two very different people in terms of personality and outlook.Anne felt alienated from her mother and seemed to understand her girlfriends better than her own mother. Mrs Frank was a homely woman with accomplishments of her own and quite well educated.However she lacked the ambition that we see blooming quite early in her daughter,the independence of spirit that characterises Anne was absent in her mother. Both the mother and Margot were people of quieter sort,content with their lot and sentimental in their expression.She was fiercely protective of her family but did not refrain from admonishing them if she found them in the wrong.

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