Pick out answer from the given box

Pick out answer from the given box against perseverance and positive knowleage its appncauoo •rtte told Fritz. the gourds would make excellent bowls and spoons and they utensils. (b' After some days Elizabeth informed them that she wanted the family to move to a safer place. Thinking ahead of winter. father decided to create a place safe from the elements. (d' Father taught the boys geometry and how to use triangles to measure big objects. (e) . . he believed his daughter was still alive. after three years. Ten years had passed and the young boys grew to be young men and their parents were proud Fritz felt that someone needed his help and he was determined to find the sender. WRmNG SKILLS

 I THINK THE ORDER IS 6, 4 , 3 ,7 , 2 , 5 , 1 .
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