Pick your favourite fiction book and pretend you are the main character. Write your diary entry in 80-100 words from their point of view using their voice.

Dear Student,
This happens to be a creative writing question, hence I urge you to give it a try first and then come back to us if you have any queries and require assistance. Nonetheless, here is a model answer for you:

Day, Date

Dear Diary,
Today, as I was wandering down the hallway with my friends Ron and Harry, I was particularly scared about losing the battle to 'You know who'. I also suspect that perhaps Prof. Severus Snape is one of the helpers of 'The one who shouldn't be named.' I have been sceptical about him since I found out that he was the one trying to save Harry while playing Quidditch. I wonder what his intentions are? His contempt filled eyes and poker face never really let me understand which side he belongs to. We did go on an adventure with Hagrid into the woods last night, and it was delightful.
It has been a scary delightful week ever since the reappearing of Voldemort.
Hermoine Granger. 

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