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pl answer Q 11 12. 13. 14. Questions ELECTROCHEMISTRY Electrolysis is used in refining extraction metals upon discharge pore„tilas e as as the Ofthe electrodes used in some cases. The products Of electrolysis Of an aqueous solution Of using inert be and S02 at anode C) Sodium at cathode and oxygen at anode D) Hydrogen at cathode and oxygen at anode The quantity of electricity required to reduce 12.3 g Of nitrobenzene to aniline assuming 500/0 C) 231600 coulombs B) 57900 coulombs II. From the above question if the potential drop across the cell is energy consumed B) 38600 J C) 347400 J b) 231600 J Electrolysis is the process energy is converted to chemical energy. In electrolytic cell, oxidation takes place ai anode and reduction at cathode. Electrode process depends on the electrode taken for electrolysis. Amount of substance liberated at an electrode is directly proportional to the amount of charge passed through it. The mass of substance liberated at electrode is calculated using the following reaction: ltE 96500 Here, E represents the equivalent mass and 96500 C is called the Faraday constant. Faraday (96500 C) is' the Charge of 1 mol electron, i.e., 6.023 x 1023 electrons; it is used to liberate one gram equivalent of the substance. On electrolysis of dilute sulphuric acid using platinum electrodes, the product obtained at the anode will be: A) Hydrogen B) Oxygen C) Hydrogen sulphite D) Sulphur oxide How many faradays are required to reduce I mol BrOÄ to Br-? Calculate the volume of gas liberated at the anode at S.T.P. during the electrolysis of a CuS04 solution by a current of I A passed for 16 min and 5 sec. D) 448 mL C) 112 mL B) 56 mL A) 224 mL

C6H5NO2 + 6 H+ + 6e C6H5NH2 + 2H2O
We know,
w = M x i x t Z x FSince, current efficiency is 50%;12.3 = 123 x i x tx 506 x 96500x 100i x t = 115800 coulombsNow,Energy consumed = i x t x V                         = 115800 x 3                          =347400 J = 347.4 kJ

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