pl answer Q 3 (more than one correct answer type)
pl answer Q 3 (more than one correct answer type) 2. is moving in a circular horizontal track ofradius 10m with a constant speed of A plumb is from the roof of the car by a light rod. The angle made by the rod with the vertical is (take g 10m/s2) D) Non-zero C) 450 B) 300 A car enters a turn whose radius is The road is banked at an angle and the coefficient of friction between wheels and road is If car does not skid sidewaus at any speed. For this condition which of the following combinations is not possible D) tan e = g 4. A cyclist is moving on a circular path of radius 6m. The coefficient of friction between tyre and A) The maximum speed of cyclist to safe riding is Viöm/s B) The maximum inclination with vertical is 300 C) Friction provides required centripetal acceleration D) The line of action of net contact forc is passing through the centre of gravity of cyclist system 5. A single wire ACB passes through a ring 'C', which revolves at a constant spedd in the horizontal circle of radius •r' ? A) The angular speed of revolution is B) The tension in the wire is 'C) The tension in the wire may be zero D) In vertical direction, net force is zero c 6. A block of mass 10kg is pulled along a smoothe surface in the form of arc of radius 10m. The applied fore F is 200N as shown in figure. If the block starts from point A, then A) The speed at point B is 15.7 m/s B) The speed at point B is 27m/s C) The work done by gravity during moving from A to B is negative D) The work done by tension on block is zero 0 7. As shown in figure BEF is a fixed vertical circular tube. A block of mass 'm' starts moving in the tube at point B with velocity V towards E. It is just able to complete the vertical circle, then A) Velocity at B must be B) Velocity at F must be C) Normal reaction at point F is 2mg D) The normal reaction at point E is 6mg c

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