Pl check rearrangement

Pl check rearrangement 6 7) for work/started/earlier than/Jaro/even/moming befc 5) pitcher/with him/he owned/largest/the/he carried first/he intended/the waterfall/of all/to/to go t) he found/on/all his/reaching there/neighbours ) a/waterfall/model/structural/provides/the/approach

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2. He carried with him the largest pitcher he owned .
3. He intended to go to the waterfall first of all. / He intended to go first of all to the waterfall.
4. On reaching there, he found all his neighbours.

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C.He intended to go first of all to the waterfall.
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D.He found on all his neighbours reaching there.
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E. A structural waterfall model provides the approach.
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A. Jaro started for work even earlier than morning before.
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B. He carried the largest pitcher with him he owned.
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