Pl explain this question

Pl explain this question (3) 36 x khj36 x 12 98. 4 • 20 •pg f DNA in its of same (X), anaphase-II(Y) nesi s: Y = 40 pg, Z = 20 pg ( Y = go pg, Z = 40 pg pg, Y = 80 pg, Z = 40 pg (3 99. S coli has 4.6 x 106 bp in nucleoid and large loops

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Egg of an organism has 20 pg of DNA.So a cell of the same organism will have 40 pg of DNA because egg is haploid andsomatic cell is diploid.During cell cycle, in Diplotene (X) stage the DNA would have doubled so it will be 80 pf of DNA.In anaphase-II there will be reduction of DNA so it will have 40 pg of DNA.In cytokinesis - II there will be reduction of DNA so it will have 20 pg of DNA

Option 2 is correct

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