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pl help Q 19 RAY OPTICS 17. COLUMN - 1 A) A convex lens in a denser medium will behave like a B) A concave lens in a rarer medium will behave like a C) A piano-convex lens silvered on its curved surface and placed in air will behave like a D) A planoconcave lens silvered on its plane surface and placed in air will behave like a Section - D Integer Type Questions o COLUMN - 11 p) converging lens q) diverging lens r) concave mirror s) convex mirror is filled in the tank upto a height 4 The flat bottom of cylinder tank is silvered and water bottom of the tank. When a small hole is opened near the bottom of the tank, the water level falls at the rate of 1 cm/s. The bird will perceive that his velocity of image is l/x cm/sec (in downward directions) where x is 19. A small air bubble is situated at a distance of 3 cm from the centre of a glass sphere of radius 9cm, When viewed from the nearest side, the bubble appears to be at a distance of 5cm from the sphere. Its apparent distance when viewed from the farthest side is n x 5 cm where n is ? 20. A cubical block of glass, refractive index 1.5, has a spherical cavity of radius r = 9 cm inside it as shown in figure. A luminous point object O is at a distance of 18crn from the cube (see figure) What is the apparent position of O as seen from A is 8.5 x cm to the left ofS4 then x is o 18cm 9cm 18cm 9cm . The focal length of a thin biconvex lens is 20cm when an object is moved from a distance 25cm in 25 is front of it to 50cm. the magnification of its image changes from to rnso . The ratio 22. An object is kept at a distance of 16cm from a thin lens and the image formes is real. Ifthe object is kept at a distance of 6cm from the same lens, the image formed is virtual. If the sizes, of the images formed are equal, the focal length of the lens will be I lx cm find x value

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