Pl provide answerto these

Pl provide answerto these SUBJECT-VERB CONCORD QI. In each Of the following sentences, supply a verb in agrement With its subject. a) Each of the sisters b) T wo and two C) The news d) Death Or disyace before h e) There many expectations to this rule. f) Neither her father nor her mother alive. g) The diffeulty Of obtaining pure milk and ghee h) physics my favourite i) v.•ho your friend, will guard your safety. j) Udit as well as his parents. great k) The council chosen its chairmam 0 There a large number Of girls in his Class. m) Bread and butter n) Either Ankit or Sumit iS his only food. stolen the watch. o) Neither Shweta nor her friends Q2. the correct in agreement with the subject from the bracket. a) NO news good news, b) Yash as well as Yashi, praise. c) each of the boys d) Forty miles not a long distance now e) iS one Of the artists Who destined to immortal, 0 One of her children outstar-,ding g) He, who my patron, should stand by me. h) A good man and useful citizen i) The jury divided in j) One Or other Of boys k) Neither Ashish nor his friends passed away. opinion. Stolen the I) Either he or m) Slow and n) You and mistaken. the race birds Of the same feather. (deserve/deserves) (w as/were) (i S/are) (i s/are) (is/are) (has/ have) ( wag/were) as/were) (is/am/ar e) (like/likes) o) Yashika. as well as Anuj and Ankita Q3. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs. Headbands (a) (be) for keep"ng the irritating locks out Of YOLK face and Will Stop you from touching your hair, which (b) (lead) to greasy strands. Bad hair days (c) (be) a thing of the past now, Headbands (d) (be) the perfect accessory fcy disguising greasy roots Md taming flyaways. Donning a headband (e) (require) smtX)th Modo - manage your online data. Learn More>

Dear Student,

a) is
b) make
c) is
 d) is
 e) are
f) is
g) is
h) is
i) is
j) have
k) has
l) is
m) is
n) has
o) were

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