pl write a conversation on the following topic "a sales person comes to your house to sell his accident proof crackers"

only imagine of accident proof crackers

Such exercises are meant to be done by the students using their creativity and understanding. However, below is how you may start the dialogue:

Salesman: Good afternoon madam. My name is Akash and I have come on behalf of Lakshmi Crackers to show you our wonderful range of accident proof crackers.

Me: Good afternoon to you too. But I am sorry I cannot entertain you because I am afraid my children might be hurt if any of the crackers burst accidentally.

Salesman: That is just the point. These are accident proof crackers which have a safety mechanism so that they don't burst suddenly in the hands of the person carrying them. 

Me: That sounds like good. With Diwali round the corner,it would be good to buy some for the children. You see as a mother,I am worried about their safety.

Salesman: Very well madam,you should definitely buy our special variety of accident proof fire crackers.

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