Planning reduces Overlapping and Wasteful Activities. Explain

Planning is defined as the process in which the manager decides about the goals to be achieved, and the actions through which they are to be accomplished. As here, the managers are well comprehended with the policies and plans of the organisation, they coordinate the activities together to reach the objectives. Thus, overlapping of the work is reduced to a great extent. Also, any wastage of resources that takes place due to repentance is minimised.

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i completly agree with this statement that planing eeduse overlapping and wastfull activities as planing is the the function of manager which is performed during management. as according to the principals of management given by henry foyal and techniques given by taylor there is1 principal and 1 technique which prooves this statement . these are as follow:-

principal given by foyal

1. unity of direction - acording to this principal if planing is done in such a mannar that thaer will be a one head of one plan for a group activities having the samr objective than it reduse the overlapping as no more then one boss is handling that plan.

techniqe given by taylor

2. motion study - if in planing we also add motion study than we are able to reduse wastefull activities as we can conduct the study of motions performed by workers by camras and we can reduse it by doing proper planing after watiching that and itc reduse wastefull activities.

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