Plantation has an interface of agriculture and industry.
A} What are the pre-requisite for the development of plantation?
B} What values does such an interface support? 3 marks answer

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a.  Plantation has an interface of agriculture and industry explains the interdependence of agriculture with Industry.
b, This statement explains how both agriculture and industries are complimentary to each other.
 Plantation is  a kind of commercial farming which is practised in Bengal, Assam. Main crops grown are tea, coffee, rubber
d. Under this type of framing, single crop is cultivated in large tracts of land. Plantation also requires close proximity to market, to processing units and labour for its growth.
 e. It involves use of capital intensive techniques which are manufactured by industries.
f. The produce is further used as raw material for many industries.
g. We may give example of rubber, coffee, sugarcane etc.

2. The values which are exhibited from such a relationship are those of mutual dependence, cooperation , innovation and entrepreneurship. It also underlines team work in both the sectors.


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