Plasmid is a boon to biotechnology. Justify.

  • Plasmids and restriction enzymes are the two tools developed the Genetic engineering and biotechnology  for the manipulation of DNA. 
  • Plasmids are small, circular or linear DNA which have the capability of replicating on their own. 
  • Plasmids served as a boon for biotechnology as they served as ideal vectors for transfer of DNA from one organism to another. 


The following properties make them important:

  • Easy to manipulate
  • Express the genes inserted into them
  • Replicate own there own and can multiply to form large numbers
  • Easily enter the host organism
  • Small in size; so can be easily studied and modified
  • Easy to handle

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Even if we succeed in incorporating a desired gene into the cell of an organism it will not be passed on to the next generation unless and until it is integrated with the chromosome of the host... But a plasmid acts as a vector as it transfers into the successive generations... :D

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