1. Please add the adverbs to the sentences:
    1. He is whistling. (always)
    2. I have been here before. (never)
    3. He has praised my painting. (often)
    4. I have seen him wearing a tie. (hardly ever)
    5. I have posted a letter to him. (just)
    6. When I arrived the show had started. (just)
    7. When he gets home, his brother is waiting. (usually)
    8. We shall meet again. (never)
    9. He said that he would remember us. (always)
    10. Whenever I saw him he was riding a bicycle. (always)
  1. Add a suitable tense of “go” with a preposition or adverb to the following sentences:
  2. I am tired. I cannot ^ ^ any longer.
  3. We forgot the basket and had to ^ ^ for it.
  4. We are all ^ ^ a swim tomorrow.
  5. ‘Stop bothering me! ^ ^ !
  6. After working for two hours in a stuff y room he ^ ^ for a breath of fresh air.
  7. A lot of people were waiting to ^ ^ the cinema.
  8. After some discussion they decided to ^ ^ with their play
  9. I advised him to ^ ^ and think about it before he did anything.
  10. Since she was putting on weight she decided to ^ ^ sweets in future.
  11. Are you ^ ^ for the completion?
  1. Complete these questions by adding “where”,” when”,” why” or” how”:
    1. ̭do you live?
    2. ̭did you last see your sister?
    3. ̭does a giraffe have a long neck?
    4. ̭do you do?
    5. ̭does this plane reach London?
    6. ̭far is it to Australia?
    7. ̭often do you come here?
    8. ̭much is this pair of socks?
    9. ̭many pencils did you buy?

1. He is always whistling.

We suggest you to try solving rest of the questions following the same approach and in case of any concerns do get back to us. For getting solutions to all the questions kindly ask a single question in one link. We are hereby answering the first question and the rest will be answered once you post them in different threads.  

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