please ans qno. 7 please fast

​Q7. Rearrange any four of the following word clusters to make meaningful sentences :

       (a) And a very / the king / named Acanthus/ talented sculptor / Pygmalion was / of Cyprus/ of a village /

       (b) had finished / he smiled / when he/ the NDTY statue / of a beautiful woman / one day /

       (c) Smile / at having found / it was / the innocent / new and unique / of a child / something /

       (d) by the beauty / that / to worship it / he was / falling down/ he felt like / so impressed / on his knees / of the statue /

       (e) that he / a masterpiece / and called / he realized / this beauty / had created / Galatea /

it is the question from the integrated grammar practice of workbook by check workbook solutions.
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Two answers A) and a very talented sculptor named acanthus Pygmalion was the king of a village of Cyprus B) one day he had finished the ndty statute of a beauti ful woman
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